Benefits of La’OLIVE
• PEG, Ethylene oxide FREE, Boost the SPF of Sun care formulations.
• Disperse homogeneously physical filters in sun products.
• It’s emulsification mechanism is based on liquid crystal formation & therefore the HLB value is not so critical for this self-emulsifier makes rich, nutritive W/O creams and lotions.
• Dispersant for Kaolin, Talc, iron oxide.
• Water resistant, Hydrating and flimming properties.
• Product Range: La’OLIVE I La’OLIVE II

Sensorial Evalution using La’OLIVE

Consistency : Emulsion more consistent & structured.
Spreadability : Improved remarkably
Color : Improved whitening in the emulsion.
Shine : More shiny & smooth feeling

Stability Test:
The emulsions were stable & no variation in viscosity, separation etc was observed.

Conclusion: Increase in amount of La’OLIVE I & La’OLIVE II increases SPF considerably.