Welcome to Lachemi Chemorgs Pvt. Ltd.

The Company

Our endeavour is to provide the Natural Botanical Intelligence of the Herbs & Plants ,the vast knowledge , experience of Ayurveda, the modern research & techniques for the Well Being of our Customers..

LACHEMI CHEMORGS is a dynamic growing company specializing in the manufacturer of a wide range of Natural Actives, TRICLOSAN Alternatives , Mild & Natural Preservatives, Silicone Alternatives, Exotic butters , Sulfate free solutions , Natural Emulsifiers & Emollients . Lachemi has been strengthening its activity by creating innovative products and extending its presence. Lachemi creates innovative actives in line with your next needs and wishes. Our fundamental respect for quality make us your best reliable supplier for the whole activity ( R & D, conception, development, industrial innovation & production).

Our products are well accepted in Asia, Europe, South America & North America. As a social commitment we are actively involved in the education of underprivileged children & tree plantation. LACHEMI CHEMORGS is an accountable, reliable, responsible and responsive partner in your pursuits.

Creative Innovation

Lachemi creates innovative actives in line with your next needs and wishes. This new way of thinking leads today to natural products, each designed to offer you an innovative solution for critical areas, supported by studies, innovative oriented concepts and proven efficacy.
We have a team of Scientist, Chemist committed for the development of Natural Actives..

Cosmeceuticals & Natural derived Products are researched using the vast & in depth knowledge of the needs of the Market, Research & the Customers . They are analysed using modern techniques, processed & purified maintaining their natural botanical intelligence for the Personal care. Microbiological challenge studies & efficacy are studied.

We are regularly working on various natural products like Cosmeceuticals, Natural preservatives, Triclosan alternatives, Silicone alternatives ,Silver based products etc. ect., We have successfully developed products for client in India and abroad.