Benefits of La’EMUL-D:

La’EMUL D has multifunctional properties which provide moisturizing properties ,skin softening , good dispersion & excellent feel to the formulation. They work by increasing the ability of the skin to hold water, providing the skin with a layer ofoil to prevent water loss, and lubricating the skin.

Vegetable oils help to protect the epidermis and maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum. Vegetable oils acts as penetration vector in the stratum corneum for the Essential Fatty Acids (E.F.A.) and the vitamins that are in their composition. The biological active ingredients of these oils have true cosmetic properties, depending on their composition & their content, such as Phytosterols,Tocopherols,Unsaponifiable , Tritrepenic Alcohol etc.,

However, formulators are reluctant to use vegetable oils, because of aspects which restrict the use of vegetable oils into cosmetic products :

La’EMUL D is designed to remove the above disadvantages & gives a naturalemollient with the added benefits of the exotic oils.

Product Range : La’EMUL DR, La’EMUL DF


All cosmetic formulations :
• Skin care creams • Body lotions • Baby products
• Sun tan products • Emulsions for hair treatment and hair care • Body oils
• Lips and cheeks make-up products